A dare a day (chapter three)

I woke up to a good morning text from Zik and weirdly it made me happy; we had spent the night getting to know more about each other, more about me and close to nothing about him, though I didn’t mind. I told him my parents were away and would be back in a week, so whatever fun games he had planned for me had to last for only seven days. His idea of fun was telling me to do things I had never done before and then giving him feedback on how good it felt. My first dare was to do something I had always imagined doing at my workplace, I had nothing in mind, but for the first time, I looked forward to my day at work.

“Three thousand and fifty naira,” I told the lady standing in front of me. She gave me the money, then I packed her things inside a nylon and said thank you to her before she left.

The next customer was a man. He had come with his girlfriend, who was not standing too far from him and was concentrating on her phone. As I calculated what he bought, he looked at me straight in the eye with a weird smile on his face. I told him the price of what he bought and he brought out a bundle of money and counted it slowly in front of me. He collected the amount he needed, then put the rest back into his pocket; he brought out a piece of paper from his other pocket and hid it in between the money; I collected the money and brought out the piece of paper; it had on it his name and phone number.

“Sorry sir, your name and phone number are not required for the payment,” I said, loud enough for everyone around to hear including his girlfriend. With the way he looked at me, if eyes could kill, I’d be dead. With his face filled with embarrassment, he snatched the paper from me then looked at his girlfriend. She shook her head before stomping out, and he gave me one last death stare before running after her. Everyone else who had watched the drama unfold, burst out laughing while talking about it. With a smile on my face, I calculated what the next customer bought. I could not wait to tell my new friend.

To be continued…

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By kamsiii

Ghost writer, freelance writer.

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