A dare a day (chapter four)

I called in sick the next morning; it was my decision, but Zik’s idea. He suggested I skipped work and have fun, and I decided that that was what I was going to do.

Even if I wanted to have fun I wasn’t sure how to, so I went to Grace’s house, ignoring my mother’s strict warning. Even though my parents were not home, our driver, gateman, and maid were, and I was sure they were told to keep an eye on me. But then this week was about taking risks so I went. On my way out, I was stopped by our driver.

“Ada, where are you off to?”

“I just want to take a walk maybe the sickness would go away,” I said, and he squinted, suspiciously.  He knew I was lying because he knew me enough to know that I hated walking alone. Our driver had been working for us since I was in my mother’s womb, he knew everything about my family, we talked often like best friends though he was old enough to be my grandfather. He was the one person I was comfortable pouring out my heart too and he listened, he always did just like I listened when he talked about how his father fought in the war. That was all he ever talked about. It was the relationship I hoped to have with my father, but I knew it would never happen.

I got to Grace’s house, knocked on the door, and her elder brother opened up for me. He was surprised to see me and I didn’t blame him; I had never come to their house except for that one time I desperately came to beg for Grace’s friendship back. She had told me her brother liked me and I laughed and made jokes about him forgetting he was not just any guy.

“Where is Grace?”

“She is in her room,” he said, and shifted from the door so I could enter.

“Okay, thanks,” I said and entered. On my way up I saw her, and she looked even more shocked than her brother.

“Why are you not at work?”

“I’m sick.”

“You don’t look sick to me.”

“Don’t judge a book by its cover.”

“Just say you’re tired of work and for the first time in your life, you want to have fun.”

“Well, that’s the plan,” I said, and she smiled.

“I have an idea,” she said, wiggling her eyebrows. We spent the day watching make up YouTube channels and practicing on each other’s face, it was a fun way to spend the day off.

I got home tired in the evening. I was too lazy to climb the stairs, so I sat on a chair in the living room downstairs staring at the ceiling. I was about going upstairs when I got a text from Zik.

“Have you ever been drunk?”

“No, my parents would kill me. Why?”

“Where are your parents?”

“I told you, they travelled.”

“Great, so no one is around to kill you.”

“I don’t think it’s a good idea.”

“Try it and find out.”

I went to the bar in our living room, brought out a bottle of wine that looked tasty and took a sip, and it didn’t taste at all like it looked. I covered it and put it back in the bar, but before I could go back to sit, I got another text from Zik.

“Try more.” I smiled at the perfect timing, then went back and took another kind of wine, and it tasted almost the same. Maybe I was picking the bad ones because I watch my father take a full cup of strong alcoholic wine without flinching. I filled my cup and took everything at once and it was not as bad, I was about to pour another one when I got another text from Zik.

“Play some music,” it said, and I did then danced happily to the beat. The thought of my parents finding out no longer tormented me as I danced for the first time in my life without a care in the world. I heard a strange noise by the window, I was being watched, but like I said I didn’t have a care in the world.

To be continued…

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By kamsiii

Ghost writer, freelance writer.

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