A dare a day ( chapter five)

The pain in my head when I woke up the next morning was unimaginable. I had slept off on the couch in my living room and once I opened my eyes, the light from the windows attacked me; it felt like I had slept off and woken up a vampire. My stomach was aching and my head was pounding, everything irritated me. I walked to my room like a zombie then entered the bathroom to have my bath; just after I stepped out, I felt nauseous, ran back in and started throwing up, mostly on my body. Out of frustration, I sat on the floor of the bathroom crying, right there I swore to myself never to drink again.

After resting, I wore a baggy cloth and went out to take a walk, then I got a text from Zik.

“How do you feel?”

“I am never drinking again.”

“It would be better the next time.”

“I don’t care.”

“Do you want to do something risky?”

“I’ve done enough risky things for this year, but what do you have in mind?” I asked, curious.

“Steal a purse.”

“No way, I could get arrested or beaten to a pulp or burnt to death.”

“That’s if someone sees you, just steal a purse or a wallet and put it inside someone else’s bag, imagine their reaction when they find out.”

“I can’t do it.”

“Remember, you made a promise not to back off.” I did make a promise but I also didn’t know his idea of a game involved me risking my life.

“I know, but this is too risky.”

“That’s the point.”

I took a deep breath and looked around for someone who didn’t look too scary and I stopped at an elderly woman standing by a bus stop and a young man standing beside her, I could steal from her and put it inside the guy’s bag,, the thought alone made me feel guilty, I couldn’t do it. It suddenly felt like everyone was watching me, like they knew what I was about to do and were waiting for me to do it so they could pounce on me. With how scared I looked, if no one was paying attention to me before, they were now; I thought of how much trouble I’ll be in if I someone sees me and I became more scared. Then I realized I didn’t have to do it, especially if it made me feel so uncomfortable. I took a deep breath, then turned to leave when I got a text from Zik.

“Maybe you need a little push,” it said, and I squinted. I felt my phone vibrate again, and I checked it, he had just sent a video of me dancing and drinking in my living room, my hands shook as I watched, if my parents ever saw this they won’t have to bother about me killing myself because they would do it themselves. “Now stop looking at your phone like you just saw a ghost and do what I say or else you’re going to be getting a call from your parents.”

“Why are you doing this?” I asked.

“Just do it, I’m not a very patient person.”

I put my phone back into my pocket with shaking hands, then took a deep breath before walking to the bus stop. I had never pickpocketed before but I had watched many movies of people doing it so I used the tactic. While running, I bumped into the woman and her things fell, the guy beside her bent to help her pick them and so did I. When they were not watching, I took the purse and slipped it inside the man’s bag, fortunately no one noticed.

I was a safe distance away when she noticed her pause was missing; I felt so guilty I almost cried, after searching herself thoroughly she did something I didn’t expect someone that looked as calm as she would do, she held the person standing next to her, the guy with the purse. She shouted attracting attention, people gathered including me, the man ranted about how insulting it was and agreed for them to search his bag and they did and found the purse. Before he could utter a word, someone pushed him to the ground, some men excitedly gathered sticks and began hitting him, my heart beat faster as he screamed begging for them to stop. I needed to do or say something that won’t put me into trouble but would end his suffering. With the way they were hitting him, they were going to kill him and I could not afford to have his blood on my hands so I took a step forward and immediately I got another text with a video from Zik. The video was of me snatching the purse and putting it into the man’s bag.

“Do anything and you’ll be in lots of trouble.”

I rubbed my hands together, trying to keep calm, I felt like I was going to faint. Whoever was sending this text was watching me. I looked around almost everybody was with their phone, videoing, no one looked suspicious, I pushed my way past the crowd and I saw a man in a black hoodie looking at me, our eyes locked and he smiled, he wanted me to know he was there watching and having fun at my expense. He was too far away so I couldn’t see his face so I moved closer; he smiled again then saluted me before entering a black car. I stood and watched as the car drove past me; I couldn’t see inside the car, but I could imagine the smile he had on his face. My eyes were still on the car when I got a text from him.

“This is not over.”

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By kamsiii

Ghost writer, freelance writer.


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