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Back to before

“Mummy!” my son screamed from outside at the top of his voice. I didn’t blame him, he was late for school and I was sitting in front of the mirror, trying to use makeup to hide my swollen eyes. I had spent most of my night crying. I couldn’t help it, today was his birthday… Continue reading Back to before

Monsters with reason

“The only way to save her was to kill her. It was not something I wanted to do, but I needed to do it. The woman I captured was a serial killer just like me, but she was worse. I killed bad people for money, she killed children for fun. The parents of one child… Continue reading Monsters with reason

A dare a day (chapter ten)

The appalling smell of drugs hit me once I woke up. Was this hell or heaven, probably hell because I detest the smell of drugs? I looked around, and I noticed I was in none; I was in a hospital. How was that possible? I’m supposed to be dead. A truck hit me. I tried… Continue reading A dare a day (chapter ten)

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