A dare a day (chapter two)

A loud thud from the living room downstairs woke me from my recurring nightmare. I checked the time from my phone and I stood up fast; I was ten minutes late for dinner. Coming to the dining table late was not something that was tolerated by my parents, they were what I saw as unreasonably strict. There was time for everything and lateness was never condoned. I washed my face and ran down the stairs, my parents were on the dining table with a smile on their face when I entered and I knew I was in serious trouble.

A dare a day (Chapter one)

Twenty-one-year-old student commits suicide, the headlines read. My parents and I watched in horror as the reporter on the news spoke. It was the fourth suicide I had heard of this month, four of whom were of the same age, went to the same secondary school, and used to be my best friends. I didn’t understand why they did what they did and it scared me.

Few seconds late

I was a few steps away from my Cadillac when I got tapped on my shoulder by a masked man, then rendered unconscious with a hard punch. I woke up tied to a chair in a dark room and with a throbbing pain in my head. There was a table in front of me and… Continue reading Few seconds late